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Solution - Episode 09: Radioactive

What kind of beautiful day, we open the window next to the PC just there. Oh, outside Hoagie sits in the garden, we ask what he do so, then Hoagie read a book, something new, we don´t want to disturb him further there. We look into the PC. Ohh God, average mark in chemistry only 1.4 a tragedy. We look out on the corridor in the second floor. What kind of piece of paper hangs on Britney's door there, then? Oh, we have room ban of Britney, also good as long as she doesn't come out there is no stress. We still then drop in in the bath and that one of there stand about wrap up the laxative. Ah, a piece of the tent hangs from the skylight.

Feels further into the first floor, ohh there degree rings the telephone look new it what gives. The mayor personally sends us to the Foxhöhlen to examine a radioactive phenomenon. Of course a fine thing, direct are top such a order this too receivedly of the political.The only question is how we come to there? If we already stand at the telephone, we are just calling Hoagies Dad anyway, perhaps it lends us its car. This was a children's game, Hoagie will take me there.He still knows nothing, though, because of this I will tell him at once the news. We go back in Bernard's room and talk from the window again with Hoagie. Ok Hoagie knows and comes then to pick us up.

Now we must still fetch the tent of the attic down and take the radiation gauge along from the cellar before it can start. A ruler and a ballpoint pen is in the drawer in the desk. We take both along. We also wrap up the Perpetum turning always and eternally mobile.We never know it for what yet we need. With the ruler we try just to open the skylight. we need still where on it places can for us do what. What is possible, hmm ??The good old Micro should be actually suitable for it. We fetch this one from the kitchen fast. A Zippo lighter lies in the dining room. We take this along, we can always need a lighter when camping. We take the Micro along from the kitchen, we take the Sad Bull from the refrigerator. Perhaps we still need a little energy for our difficult enterprise. Therefore putting into the corridor in the upper story and the Micro under the skylight again. Look, whether itself is running out of it now. Then turns it with the ruler and we finally have wrapped up the tent.

The radiate gauge is only missing but this lies in the cellar and this is contaminated. We manage possibly to siphon the radiation. Mums vacuum cleaner is in the bedroom, we take this one along. On the way to the cellar door we drop in the living room past, there we look what it plays degree so beautiful on television at once anyway.Wired Ed has its hamster lost, unlucky for it. For the cellar door it already pushes the contaminated air up. The vacuum cleaner is of use for us many, we alone don't have still to install any natural filter yet there this one absorbs the radioactive poison, though. We look in front of the house. A little moss is on the left on the house wall so that it could go. We take a little of the moss and give it into the vacuum cleaner. We are armed for the radiation perfectly with that in the cellar now. We simply absorb the radioactive radiation. We so then get finally into the cellar and at once the gauge which we plug in at once also stands there. Chemistry project not working just besides the one of us, we concern around this for us later.

Ohh, it rings, these will be Hoagie this one picks us up, therefore nothing like out and into the car. As of to the Fox caves. So there are we, sound the area out just. Unfortunately, we cannot get to the cave, Ohje the radiation is too high, the gauge nails on.We then want to build up our camping equipment. Therefore more simply I have imagined this with the tent. Don't manage simply to build it up correctly and Hoagie stands besides this and grins silly.He then shall show what anyway he can. We don't give Hoagie the tent and be astonished badly. Hoagie has taken a tent construction course well unbelievably. The tent stands, we look in. There inside a jug is, we take this one along. How are we coming into the cave now? We cannot set the vacuum cleaner on fire here therefore we must let ourselves be collapsed something else. Perhaps I can me himself against the radiation immunsieren. We look what we can mix there together. We give Red Bull once the laxatives into this, we pour this mixture into the jug. This one still lacks a radioactive strap the antibodies forms so now.

We have two possibilities, either we disassemble the vacuum cleaner again and give the moss burdened with with radioactivity now into the jug. or we break a branch of this tree, which is lying around here and give this one into the jug.The mixture ready, only still isn't optimal drink to this. So that the substances really melt together all to a harmonious drink, we still must heat up the jug. We have again two possibilities there. The simpler is, we use the lighter with the fire place and make a little campfire. Were, if we climb into the car again, drive home the Microwave in the kitchen on his again bursts the more effortful put and heat up the jug into this. At all events we have heated up the jug now and the mixture is ready-to-drink. Unfortunately refused we must drink the swill since Hoagie. This comes off, we are storming intactly to the cave now and find a contaminated hamster into this so. Despite all speed we don't catch the hamster with our hands. We have fortunately plugged the Perpetum mobile in and build this in the middle of the cave. The hamster has actually regarded this as its traversing wheel and has immediately pure jumped. Then we need to wrap it up only and can begin the journey home. Already was highest time, its effect hadn't missed the laxative.

Hoagie hands us in goodly in front of the house door again. Hmmmm, the hamster should deliver sufficient energy actually for our chemistry project turned out a failure now. We go into the cellar and use the hamster as an energy source in the Perpetum mobile. Work perfectly, still need the wiring diagrams now which Dad as a punishment has hidden for the cellar explosion we. We open the drawer under the experiment and wrap up the screwdriver. We are good in the hiding-place find and this there very often are loose wall coverings in libraries, we haven't known only since yesterday either. That is to the library and the disguising is in bulk next to the door to the corridor on the right below, see there. It doesn't it unfortunately doesn't open with the fingers but we have the screwdriver and with that is any problem. We open the box and there inside be. The plans for our chemistry project, thermonuclear nuclear fusion. It goes into the cellar with that again where we use the plans at the project is working excellently now.<Intersequence>Then we go to school and present the experiment. Of course it was a terrific success. It was clearly that one of my infectious performance could not restand.<Intersequence End>

Well, so we go into the house again. The telephone rings, we lift and tell this mayors of our heroic deed at the Fox cave again. The mayor was made easier audibly this this problem is taken care and will suggest that a shopping center is named after me, what kind of honor. We to be on the safe side follow into once again we make and have a look in the computer whether our note also really was improved. One really cannot everything average mark expect more OK, at 1.0 again. How is it going on with the hamster now? We remember the television program with Wired Ed, this one had lost its hamster anyway. We still have the empty carton well, it matches exactly purely there. The ballpoint pen we write the address on this and go to the mail box with. We still lack a stamp, we seek under the Floor mat for the entrance and are lucky. Therefore stamp on the carton and pure into the mail box. <Intersequence>We have Wired Ed done happily and enjoy with that live comment of the mayor at the TV screen hopefully his excitement and this.<Intersequence End>END


Alternative solutions:
Jug mixture:
1. branch of the tree
2. Moss of the vacuum cleaner

Heating up jug:
1. in the Micro
2. at the campfire

Sending hamsters out:
1. Sending hamsters out normally
2. Hamsters before in Micro and then sending out

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