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Bernard Bernoulli

{mosimage}Bernard, winner of the college’s Geek Award, is the typical nerd. As the president of the physics club he is very knowledgeable about technical things. There is almost nothing he cannot repair. However, he has difficulties with the female gender. His timidity and his naivety often make a laughingstock of him. He is the only one among his friends who visited the Maniac Mansion twice. Once he got to know an agent of the legendary Meteor Police because of a poster in Edna’s room.

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Dave Miller

{mosimage}davejDave is the school’s head boy and Sandy’s boyfriend. When she was kidnapped by Dr. Fred he initiated her rescue. He is good-looking and together the two are considered to be the perfect couple of their school.

Daves Familie

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Sandy Pantz

{mosimage}Sandy is the leader of the cheerleader team and Dave’s girlfriend. Even if she is not one of the smartest her beauty often paves the way for her. She does not like to talk about her time in Dr. Fred’s lab.

Sandys Familie

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{mosimage}Razor is the lead singer of the punk band “Razor and the Scummetts”. Because of her pinch collar and her direct nature she scares many people. She also does not scruple to cram a hamster into a microwave.

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Wendy Wells

{mosimage}Wendy is a bookworm and comes from a good family. Her aim is to become a writer. At the moment she still writes for the school magazine.

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Jeff Woodie

{mosimage}Jeff normally hangs around at the beach and responds to the name Surfer Dude. Even if he is not very intelligent, he is skillful in dealing with technique. Jeff’s parents run a pizza place.

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{mosimage}Syd is an aspiring musician who wants to start his own new-wave band.

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Michael F. Stoppe

{mosimage}michaeljMichael is a prize-winning photographer for the school magazine. There is no one who is better at developing films than him. The “F” in his second first name stands for Fitzgerald.

Michaels Family

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{mosimage}From childhood Laverne loves to play doctor games. Later she wants to become a doctor. Because of her shrill voice and her restless nature it is not very easy to bear her.

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{mosimage}Hoagie is a drummer. Black is his favorite color and skulls decorate his room. He loves eating and especially eating much. If it cannot be helped, he even goes to school.

Hoagies Family

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Familie Edison

{mosimage}Dr.Fred is a retired family doctor and a mad scientist. His experiments led mankind to the brink of a catastrophe a few times.

{mosimage}Edna used to be a nurse and has always been a cheerful person. There are many rumors about her sexual methods. Maybe the reason for this is that her husband often does not come out of the cellar for years.

{mosimage}Weird Ed, Fred and Edna’s son, is a militant young person with a weakness for hamsters.

{mosimage}Ted Edison is Dr. Fred’s cousin and a mummy. He scrapes his living in the Edisons’ villa. How he got killed is shown in episode 70. Although he is not alive any more, Ted is always good for a short talk.

Other Familymembers from the Edisons

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Der Jaggi

{mosimage}The Jaggi or J’hagga Ri Kachatki is a frightening monster whose home planet probably is Fractalus. It is not the most intelligent creature in universe and gets easily aggressive if you watch it with binoculars.

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{mosimage}Green Tentacle actually is a very sociable contemporary who frequently has to suffer from the power-hunger of his fellow Purple Tentacle. He himself wants to make it big with his band “GT and the Suction Cups”.

{mosimage}Purple Tentacle is literally a slimy contemporary. He is crafty and insidious. You cannot trust him and you never know what he is cooking up again.

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{mosimage}Nobody knows his name as he works for one of the galaxy’s toughest elite units – the Meteor Police.

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Mark Eteer

{mosimage}Mark Eteer works as the publisher of the company “3 Guys Who Publish Anything”. There is virtually nothing he does not publish. You can see him regularly in commercial spots on channel 13.

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Wink Smiley

wink2Wink Smiley is one of the really big chat-show hosts. From the pope to the meteor – he had them all. He is a real all-rounder and has his own show at MMTV: “The Wink Smiley Show”. Besides he moderates the very popular “Edgar Awards”.

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Lila Meteor

{mosimage}He came out of space and wanted to conquer the world. And if these damned kids and the hamster would not have been there, it would have worked.

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