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Solution - Episode 01: Sibling love

We take the vacuum cleaner in the bedroom of the parents. We ask Britney in Britney's room whether the mail already was there. In the dining room we take all 3 candles, the last one can first be taken. We take the honey in the kitchen from the hanging cupboard. We open the microwave, put the candle in, close, use and open the microwave and take the candle out. This is used and the refrigerator closed and opened and the candle taken out again, put in the refrigerator in the kitchen then, with Britney's door. With the hard candle in key form we turned out well in Britney's room. We take the diary of the bed there.

We open the drawer in Bernard's room and look at it. Then we take the purse which slips under the desk. With the vacuum cleaner, however, we catch it. The purse is then opened first of the vacuum cleaners, then. We take the two sofa cushions and the remote control in the living room. The latter is used with the television set. We open the honey and use it with the stamp. Diary, ballpoint pens and stamp are then used with the envelope. This is then put into the mail box outside and the lever pushed at the mail box.
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