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Bernard’s family, the Bernoullis:

Britney Bernoulli is Bernard’s older sister. One of her hobbies is to torture Bernard. Another one is “boys”. Nobody really knows who now her new boyfriend is. She was seen first in episode 1.
Figure by Lucasfan

dadAntonio Bernoulli is Bernard’s father who adopted the name of his wife when he got married. He always tries to convince Bernard that life consists of more than learning. Most of the time Antonio is at work, but not even his family knows what he does. There are rumors that there are connections between him and the mafia… His first appearance was in episode 25and he acted his first big role in episode 53.
Figure by Bòógieman

momJoyce Bernoulli is Bernard’s mother and she looks very similar to Wendy’s friend Emilia. She is a good mother, but the stay-at-home Bernard sometimes gets on her nerves. She was first seen in episode 22. In Episode 25 she changed her hair color.
Figure by Tribbl

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