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More Edisons

{mosimage}The Edisons are a mad family. Also Dr. Fred’s cousin Dr. Vet. Fed Edison is not different. He does not live in the Maniac Mansion and is a studied veterinarian. As you can see he gladly and often partakes of good meals and moves accordingly sedate. His first appearance was in episode 54.
Figure by MisterL

{mosimage}The youngest member of family Edison was born to Ed’s dismay in episode 10 and he had to leave his room for the baby. Probably it is a girl. Her intellectual fathers are still working on a name…
Figure by Edison Interactive

{mosimage}Eddel Edison is Edna Edison’s mother and so Dr. Fred’s hated mother-in-law. She is a resolute old bag who pulls her son-in-law to pieces. That is the reason why Fred is afraid of her visits. It hasn’t been cleared how she got the name Edison. It is rumored that she married a remote relative of Dr. Fred. She appeared first in  episode 58.
Figure by Rayman

{mosimage}Edenezer Edison is Dr. Fred’s uncle or Ted’s father respectively. Besides he is an old embittered geezer who lives in luxurious prosperity. He has so much money that he stinks. But despite his fortune he is a real miser. He earned his fortune as plastic surgeon. However, his wealth did not make him happy. He appeared first in episode 58.
Figure by Kaktus

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