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Solution - Episode 08: The removal

Such a beautiful day would be if only Klaus weren't there!
Therefore good:
You snatch themselves this green book in the middle of the bookshelf and read it by and you open the upper right drawer to this at once and take out the sheet of paper and the ballpoint pen. We draw the plan on the sheet with the ballpoint pen and have a look at the plan once again after which still on the bed take the pillow along.

We leave the room now and plug at once the Trapdoor bottle-opener in and enter the bedroom of Bernard's parents and open the right Bedside table cupboard and take the cassette recorder out. We must go in Britney's room now and take out the hamster together with playpen out of the cage.We go down the stairs and it off, then goes to take the drive-belt from the piece of sports equipment further into the dining room to the left and plug still the thread in of the sewing box. In the kitchen the sink unit we open this right drawer and fetch the can opener from this and look at and open the left lower little barrier last to get a bucket. With the scissors we cut the feathers from the pillow out. It is going up now again to the skylight which we will open and enter with the hatch opener.

On the attic we open the box and take out the generator and take still the can, besides which tipped over, after which we still take the toolbox which we still open to get further tools and plug still the kick and the board in next to the shelf. We go into the living room take away from the ventilator and open the Cassette cupboard and take out a cassette which we use with the cassette recorder now. Now we go to the front door and use the Battery power-operated wrench with plan A (this is over the door). We then use the plugs with the holes. We use the hinge with the board now and put it into the holes with the plugs purely.
Using the string with board and putting the adhesive into the bucket of pure stocks and on the board after this. We put the feathers on the table, we put the generator on plan B (this is on the right next to the table),use the ventilator with the generator.And the hamster with the generator. Bernard goes and in turn use the cassette recorder and after this we open the kitchen window and use the cassette recorder with this window into the kitchen.

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