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Maniac Metalhead Mania

MetalheadIt's Friday somewhere in Northern Germany.
Boredom spreads, there is no concert or anything else that is exciting.
This changes suddenly when we receive an important, or rather vital, call from our metal brother.
According to him, there is the possibility of getting VIP tickets for Epico's sold out -Brave New Metal World- Tour.
Will we be able to get hold of a ticket?
Is the game total retro garbage?
Are the references to various metal bands in this game totally cringe?
Find out and play Maniac Metalhead Mania, the free fan adventure from Metal-Kompanie 666 !

The following (boring) features await you:
- German "cringe" and English "not the yellow of the egg" texts to read yourself!
- Countless references to metal bands, classic games and other bullshit!
- cool retro metal music, created by Volltanker!
- stolen retro background graphics and lots of cheap animations!
- tons of bad puns, sarcasm and irony!
- 100% unicorn free (wild boars are much hotter anyway!)

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